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Next.js + Stripe

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NextJs SaaS🚀

NextJs SaaS code which includes all the essential features that you need to launch fast. Following are the included things:

NextJs + NextAuth + Stripe + Tailwind CSS

$89free 🔥
  • User Auth (Social Login, Magic Link) - Save 5 hrs
  • Database Integration (Prisma) - Save 4 hrs
  • Landing Page (Tailwind CSS) - Save 8 hrs
  • Email Integration (Resend) - Save 3 hrs
  • Stripe Checkout + Webhook - Save 6 hrs
  • Customer Support (Crisp) - Save 1 hr
  • Custom SEO Configurations - Save 3 hrs
  • LemonSqueezy Checkout (Including Paypal) (coming soon)
  • LemonSqueezy Webhook + Subscription (coming soon)
  • Custom AI Blog Integration (coming soon)

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Frequently asked

What does the NextJS SaaS template include exactly?

Our NextJS SaaS template provides you with all the necessary boilerplate code to run an online business effectively. This includes a payment system, database integration, user authentication, UI components, and much more. You'll also find comprehensive documentation to guide you through the setup process.

Do I have the option to choose between Javascript and Typescript?

For now it's only Typescript. Javascript version is comming soon!

Can I use the template with a different tech stack?


Is the NextJS SaaS template just a website template?

No, it's much more than a website template. While you can use it to build websites quickly by copy/pasting sections like pricing, FAQ, and blog, it's designed to support the full spectrum of an online business. You'll have access to essential tools such as payment processing, email integration, SEO optimization, and more, making it an ideal solution for launching and scaling your SaaS venture.

Hi, I'm Irfan👋

I have a passion for creating things for the internet. I developed a simple SaaS template that allows you to launch your SaaS product quickly. It's designed to help people bring their awesome ideas to life in no time. My dream is to start my own company one day.

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